Dagda: A Workshop for Young Men

Diana Sands PhD, Clinical Member PACFA and CAPA

Dagda, is a father figure in Irish mythology, frequently portrayed wearing a cloak and playing the harp. Dagda’s magical harp controls the natural seasons, life and death, and releases into the world music, all sounds, words and emotion. This workshop is an opportunity for young men, who have lost a parent to suicide to meet and spend time together in conversation about the ways in which they have changed and are different in the wake of loss, and the importance of these changes in reviewing options, choices and goals as they construct their future.

    Facilitator: Dr. Diana Sands, is the Director of the Centre for Intense Grief, Sydney, and has, for many years, provided family counselling and group programs for adults, adolescents and children. Diana lectures on Loss and Grief, Suicide Prevention, Postvention and Intervention, and has presented workshops and seminars in Australia and overseas based on her book and DVD ‘Red Chocolate Elephants: For Children Bereaved by Suicide’ and her research in suicide bereavement and the 'Tripartite Walking in the Shoes Model’.

Location: Lower North Shore
Please contact Diana for information
Email: dianasands@bereavedbysuicide.com.au
Phone: 0414 721 653


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